Findings : Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia had always been on our list. Early on after meeting we decided to book tickets and leave our lives in New York for a couple months. The only plan was to take each day as it came and keep moving.

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Johnny and i (Summit)

Alpine Desert : The Story of Africa

Its 2:55 A.M. I’ve been traveling for 21 hours and it’s hot. I’m standing in front of a glass panel like that of a bank teller or county fair ticket stand. Behind it, a man is asking for $200 US (twice the amount he should) for my travel visa into Tanzania.  I’m mind numb and already worried about malaria. Especially here; the airport. I’ll be in Africa for 60 days, the visa, good for 90. I contest his price point and he sends me to the single-file line traffic control officer in charge. He sends me back. 100$ US. I don’t even care.

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Skagway — A Borough In Alaska

On a mildly warm evening in early October, we were ordering craft beer, seated on a patio in Portland, Oregon.  The waiter asked for our I.D.s.  There were six of us.  After reading Florida, New York and Missouri licenses, he gave us a skeptical look.  No, they were not fake.  Five months earlier, we were strangers.  We were each on a journey back to our respective states from a magical place that had brought us together.  On this day, though, we were companions and best friends, each in love with wandering and spending time with free-spirited people, enjoying the final meal we would spend together.


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Travelling back in time that i could not imagine existed so close to home. – it's one of the greatest experiences not to be missed in your life. The first few hours, everything surprises you. Everything is so different, but it's real. Welcome to Marrakech!

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Rivne Reminiscing

My twin sister and me were born in Rivne and have a bunch of warm memories connected with our hometown.

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Three days on Manali-Leh Highway

Day 1, August 13: We hopped onto the last bus to Manali, which is a 14hr ride from Delhi. During this season, roads become very susceptible to landslides, and our bus was unable to go ahead due to a major landslide 8Kms from Mandi. Leaving the bus at Mandi, we decided to walk.

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It’s 11:55 pm on December 31, 2013 but yet there’s still some daylight reflecting off the ocean. On the horizon I see the sprays of a humpback whale pod. I’m sitting on the stern of a ship that’s about 2,000 miles from the South Pole, champagne bottle in hand, about to toast in 2014. Usually New Year’s Eve is a forgettable holiday for me, but this year, as the clock strikes midnight somewhere in the Drakes passage between Antarctica and Argentina, I reflect back with a different perspective.

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Coming to Oslo from a small town to start college was overwhelming at age 17. So many people, buildings, roads, different smells and noises that was both exciting and challenging. For 10 years I have been living in this wonderful melting pot and it's something I haven't once regretted.

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