Petra Israel-5


In those times when the people wanted to enter the city they had to lie to the locals, stating that they wanted to go to Mt Hor to worship Aaron. The so called Mt Hor (not according to the bible) is the highest peak over there and in order to reach there one had to pass through Petra. The journey to Mt Hor is tiresome and long and includes hours of travel by foot and also go through Petra, the city which is totally hidden. When you look from above the narrow entrance looks just like a crack and one would assume that perhaps there is nothing there but caves but upon entering the city is very high and feels like its amongst the stars.

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Rivne Reminiscing

Me and my twin sister lived in Rivne since we were born and have a bunch of warm memories connected with our hometown.

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Travelling back in time that i could not imagine existed so close to home. – it's one of the greatest experiences not to be missed in your life. The first few hours, everything surprises you. Everything is so different, but it's real. Welcome to Marrakech!

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Iceland and Auroras

Thursday, February 27, 2014, started off like any other day of the trip. Cold, crisp, fresh morning air greeted us as we stepped out of our apartment and headed towards our warming rental cars. We had originally made plans to make the trip to Höfn, which is on the other side of the island, and stay the night there. Rumors had been circling among the locals that the northern lights were going to happen that night. With that being main reason why we went to Iceland, I was nervous we weren’t going to see them. We had been experiencing phenomenal weather in Reykjavík where access to darker skies was 30 minutes away. I was worried about that side of the island because of the lack of roads and Iceland’s unpredictable weather. With butterflies endlessly fluttering in my stomach, we got an early start to the day and headed out before sunrise.

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Three days on Manali-Leh Highway

Day 1, August 13: We hopped onto the last bus to Manali, which is a 14hr ride from Delhi. During this season, roads become very susceptible to landslides, and our bus was unable to go ahead due to a major landslide 8Kms from Mandi. Leaving the bus at Mandi, we decided to walk.

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It’s 11:55 pm on December 31, 2013 but yet there’s still some daylight reflecting off the ocean. On the horizon I see the sprays of a humpback whale pod. I’m sitting on the stern of a ship that’s about 2,000 miles from the South Pole, champagne bottle in hand, about to toast in 2014. Usually New Year’s Eve is a forgettable holiday for me, but this year, as the clock strikes midnight somewhere in the Drakes passage between Antarctica and Argentina, I reflect back with a different perspective.

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Coming to Oslo from a small town to start college was overwhelming at age 17. So many people, buildings, roads, different smells and noises that was both exciting and challenging. For 10 years I have been living in this wonderful melting pot and it's something I haven't once regretted.

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We decided to plan the perfect trip for a true Harry Potter fan by telling you all the places you could visit. In this magical itinerary you will be visiting the actual locations for the harry potter movies, exhibitions, sets, theme parks and train rides. To make it a better experience kindly turn on the Hedwig Theme Song.

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I was on a solo Eurotrip in June 2013. The most closest encounter with nature happened in Iceland. Since I was traveling alone and didn’t get much time to research about this beautiful island, I just planned a three days trip there.

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JB Hi-Fi Macquarie Centre


I was lucky,  when my friend was able to squeeze some of her time with me and provide her best private tour. We spent some time in the city walking around the Opera House, witness the mighty Sydney Harbour Bridge from a far, and taste some local pancakes which were huge for both of us.

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This trip was my 4th time visiting Paris, and yet, every time I’m there, it feels like the very first time.  There’s something about this city that, for me at least, makes everything seem so surreal.

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Everyone at some point or the other have wished they had a castle of their own. While being a royalty is just a fantasy for 99% of us, there are and were some who spent decades and a life-time building their empire. Here is the epic list of some of the greatest castles, palaces and forts you can visit in no particular order.

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Recently while shooting a commercial video I had a chance to visit the beautiful land of Sri Lanka . Although I was there only for three busy days, I managed to get some great shots and capture the bizarre country.

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Early this year I visited a place lost in time, Kashmir which was also spelled “Cashmere” a long time back. It was once the tourist capital of northern India before politics came into the picture. But I am not here to talk politics, I am here to share what I witnessed there as a traveller.

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The Eternal City, the Sacred City, the City of the Seven Hills…How many names have one of the oldest cites in the world – Rome. I had three days in Rome during my summer Italy trip and I felt in love with this city.

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