Alpine Desert : The Story of Africa

Its 2:55 A.M. I’ve been traveling for 21 hours and it’s hot. I’m standing in front of a glass panel like that of a bank teller or county fair ticket stand. Behind it, a man is asking for $200 US (twice the amount he should) for my travel visa into Tanzania.  I’m mind numb and already worried about malaria. Especially here; the airport. I’ll be in Africa for 60 days, the visa, good for 90. I contest his price point and he sends me to the single-file line traffic control officer in charge. He sends me back. 100$ US. I don’t even care.

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Travelling back in time that i could not imagine existed so close to home. – it's one of the greatest experiences not to be missed in your life. The first few hours, everything surprises you. Everything is so different, but it's real. Welcome to Marrakech!

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