Our day began with initially getting into the city. Parking downtown is crazy expensive and it’s always an experience to travel on the ‘L’, Chicago’s elevated subway lines.

Once arriving at the waterfront the first stop was the Art Institute of Chicago. Here they have The Bedroom by one of my favorite artists, Vincent Van Gogh as well as his self-portrait. Adding on to that, they have too many a famous work (whether it is painting or photograph) to mention with artists including Monet and Rembrandt.

Next we walked towards the waterside, passing through Grant Park. Here they often have modern-age sculptures and displays set up, especially during the summer. Also here is the rose garden which we walked through to get to Buckingham Fountain. Caught at just the right angle, Chicago can be seen behind it with the Congress hotel just across the street.

From here we backtracked a bit to Millennium Park which holds the infamous metallic “Bean” and pavilion which we came back to later on in the day. Next we headed into the city and discovered a musty, old, yet incredibly stocked record store and browsed for a bit. One of Chicago’s high points is that everything is quite close together and walking down only one or two blocks will get you to the fashion district and theater district.

About this time dinner was arriving, and as a constant tradition we went for deep-dish pizza at Giordano’s. The pizza is essentially a cheese pie and overly filling with only one slice. It took us a little bit to find it and some time to get in but totally worth the wait. After our eating adventure, we headed back to Grant’s Park to the Jay Pritzker Pavilion where in the summer they have free concerts that attract a large gathering.

After staying for nearly an hour, the sun was almost done setting and we head towards Navy Pier. On summer nights they have a firework display and are crowded with people vying for the rides and Ferris wheel. Essentially a giant never-ending carnival, it’s worth the time and maybe a cotton candy or two.

Heading back to where the parks where, the sun had set and the tops of Chicago’s finest buildings began to cover in fog. Looking over the water, all the ships in giant marina began to light up as some came in and some went out. Here the day ended with this picture in mind and the city lights in the background.