Findings : Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia had always been on our list. Early on after meeting we decided to book tickets and leave our lives in New York for a couple months. The only plan was to take each day as it came and keep moving.


We flew into Northern Vietnam and travelled across to Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, and finally south, to the islands; Indonesia, Malaysian Borneo and the Philippines. We barely scratched the surface. A month in each place wouldn’t have been enough. Especially in countries like Indonesia where each island is its own world. We were astonished and -quite honestly- humbled with the kindness and generosity of the people we encountered in each place we arrived at. We spent time amongst ancient ruins, dense jungles and open water, as well as many, -if not most- hours on trains, buses, boats and motorbikes. As filmmakers, it was a truly inspiring adventure and we captured what we could, as we experienced it. ‘Findings’ tells the simple story of two people reflecting on life and the immensity of it’s beauty.








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