Meet George Bieker

I am a climber, guide and lover. A drifter and a dreamer… “For all our faults and all our blessings brought us here. Right here. So that for these few seconds, these few thoughts, we could be together.

A moment to span this great void. To experience life and love. We are giants. Colossal in our dreams, and our desires. That unrelenting thirst for something more. To search for distant shores. To Dream. To Love. To Hope… Dare to never stop. To Never say enough is enough. Fight every second to break loose from these shackles that have barred us to the floor. Spend your life daring. Daring to use every last breath  to claw your way from the dungeon of your mind to the freedom of a wandering soul.”
– George Bieker, 27 -Fayetteville, AR