I have lived in Karachi for around 10 years and find it difficult to recreate the connection I have with this city anywhere else. Karachi is truly reflective of the many groups of people that abound within it. You will find drastic differences between the northern and southern areas.

Irrespective of its many downfalls its still the place I grew up in, and so will always win my support against other cities in Pakistan. Karachi is as famously known for its beaches as it is for its melting pot of communities and sects.

Best Time To Visit

Karachi can be enjoyed at any time for the year, but is the most peaceful in the winter.

Places I Like


This is one of the favourite spots to visit for locals. Go crabbing, fishing or just chill out at one of Karachi’s many beautiful beaches.

Frere Hall

Check it out for the beautiful architecture, and Sadiquain’s art gallery on the first floor.

Mohatta Palace

Another beautiful structure which frequently houses art exhibitions.

Sunday Bazaar

Find a dozen books at the cheapest price, along with vintage records and thrift finds. There’s something here for everyone.

Port Grand

Take a scenic walk down Port Grand and sample the variety of food available.

Defence Phase 8

Defence Phase 8 is up and coming with a fleet of restaurants next to the water.

Saddar and Empress Market

Saddar and Empress Market should also be visited for their bustling atmosphere and quaint buildings.

Places To Eat


For some excellent Thai food (and Thai iced tea), head to Fuschia in Zamzama.


Their continental entrées cannot be replicated at home.

Meerath Kabab House

This local favourite does BBQ chicken like no other.


Perfect for brunch or midday snacking.


Another local favourite, try the Affogato at this lively cafe.

Ways To Travel Around

I would say the best way to travel around would be a cab or rented car and driver.

Additional Tips

Have a camera handy, you never know what you’ll see! My friend and I were waiting at a traffic signal and saw a man riding a bike with a chicken under his arm.

Photo Credit

Musfira Shaffi