I lived in Klaipeda for 19 years! The experience of Klaipeda that of an old fairytale town, commercially active city , leisurely picturesque seaside and wild forests. All in distinctive 4 seasons and a pointedly relaxed cultural atmosphere!

Klaipeda is best known for its amber or sun-stones as they are called. It is most loved for unpopulated seaside beaches , rated top 5 best in Europe! Another reason the city would stand out is the very beautiful girls! Not one visitor from abroad left this fact out of mention.

Best Time To Visit

If you wish to see Klaipeda at its liveliest, come during the last weekend of July. Klaipeda celebrates Sea festival every year! Summer is when Klaipeda presents its best.

Places I Like

Cycling Tour To Juodkrante

Highly recommend taking a cycling tour to Juodkrante for unique seaside towns.


Visit Nida to explore picturesque dunes.

Satrija Witch

Climb the hill of ‘Satrija Witch’.

Baltic Art

Visit the central park of Sculptures to see Baltic Art.

Seaside Festival

Attend seaside festival at the end of July


An area of trendy shops, and great pubs/restaurants.

Rotary Park

An amazing view of downtown, and steps away from the river.

Glenbow Museum

Contemporary and historical art.

Places To Eat

Architects Club restaurant

My Breakfast favourite.

Friedrich Passage

A great place for lunch.

Memel Restaurant Bar

A lovely place for diner.

Ways To Travel Around

 It is easy to grab a bus or a mini bus. Cabs are really cheap too!


Additional Tips

Chill and Relax

Expect to relax in Klaipeda, enjoy a quite time there.

Photo Credit

Jolanta Jasiulionyte