This trip was my 4th time visiting Paris, and yet, every time I’m there, it feels like the very first time.  There’s something about this city that, for me at least, makes everything seem so surreal.

My sisters and I stayed in the 5eme arrondisement, Saint-Germain-des-Prés. It’s such a great neighbourhood – full of cafés, restaurants and bars. It’s an easy  (and great) place to get unexpectedly lost wandering the streets both during the day, and at night.

When I lived in France, my favourite thing that people would always say to me was “Profitez bien!” It’s one of those words that can’t be directly translated, but I always considered it to mean “take advantage”. My sisters and I were only in Paris for 3 days this time, but we definitely “profitez-ed”  Walks along la Seine, lunch in Montmartre and seeing the Eiffel tower lit up at night – are only a fraction of what Paris has to offer. And yet, it’s always just enough.