From living in Tampa, Florida, I have developed a very active lifestyle where I thoroughly enjoy beach volleyball, scuba diving, and kayaking/paddle boarding.  Anything involving the outdoors and physical activity, I am there!   While I enjoy a wide array of activities,  travel and photography are my two greatest passions.

I have always ventured to different places throughout my life, however, I feel like I have a new found appreciation for exploration.  After my first solo trip to Europe, where I visited 5 countries in 12 days, I fell completely in love with travel, adventure, and photography.  Some could say it stole my heart.

Since that trip, I have made it a personal goal to set out on new adventures that I have not yet experienced.  My scratch off map will soon have a few more countries checked as I visit the UK this coming October.  I will be journeying up to Northern Scotland to visit the mystical Isle of Skye, a photographer’s dreamland.  I can’t wait to document and share ALL my journeys with you along the way!

My Adventures