I never have enough words to describe New York City. New York is one of the only cities in the world that will make you feel like your favorite comic book heroes, because you’ve seen each street and every building before on TV and in the movies. In the morning, you can have breakfast anywhere in SoHo and get to sit right next to some of the most popular actors today. If you’re lucky, you might even get to see Sarah Jessica Parker walk by with her dog.

The many large skyscrapers in Manhattan will protect you from the sweltering summer sunlight, easily creating a cool and calm shadow on the busy streets of New York City. You will remember this particular moment for a lifetime. In New York City you’ll hardly feel like a tourist, because in the streets you’ll meet so many people of many different nationalities and many different cultures. New York City, he is amazingly friendly and incredibly beautiful. New York City, he never sleeps – morning, afternoon, evening, and night – always noisy and full of life, but you can always catch the well-known and easily recognizable yellow cabs whenever you’re ready to sleep.

Wherever you are in New York City, whether in Manhattan or in Brooklyn on Brighton Beach, you will always feel like this city is yours!

If you ever decide to visit New York City, be prepared for it to become the place of your dreams. And when you leave New York City, you can expect to have sleepless nights, because all you’ll think about will be the “Big Apple”. You will want to walk across Brooklyn Bridge once more, and attentively examine the lovely skyscrapers of Lower Manhattan through the magnificent cobweb of steel ropes.

After returning from New York my city became too small for me, and I know you’ll also feel the same way. Manhattan, skyscrapers and coffee from Starbucks, that’s the perfect morning for me in New York City.