People pushing people pushing people
Stepping on people swearing at
People swaying in a hungry mass
To the life assuring groan of the wheels

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My first trip to Peru came in 2012 when I first started working for G Adventures. Anytime you visit a place for the first time you are almost always overwhelmed by the novelty of it all. All your senses are enlivened as if you are seeing, hearing, feeling, touching and tasting for the first time. In a sense, you really are.

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Standing at the top of the hill over the Geneva panorama had an overwhelming power to make me feel insignificantly small. I was once again reminded that I am only one teeny-tiny speck on this earth and that there is so much more out there just waiting to be explored.

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Every end of the year I search for a place to rest, calm down and charge my batteries for a new year full of work, great adventures and life itself.I really enjoy it to be alone then, just my dog max and me.

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After a week of constant sunshine, warm temperatures, and the best food I’d had all year, Ireland was looking much better than anticipated. I had flown into Dublin and caught a 3-hour bus to Galway. The small town of Letterfrack was still another hour and a half away, and the site of my college bestie’s wedding was a rocky peninsula jutting out into the Atlantic another 20 minutes from there. After a week of revelry in the Irish countryside, it was time to go home, tracing my steps back the way I came. I couldn’t leave from Dublin and not visit it, so I decided to tack on a weekend in the capital to see the difference.

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Our day began with initially getting into the city. Parking downtown is crazy expensive and it’s always an experience to travel on the ‘L’, Chicago’s elevated subway lines.

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I never have enough words to describe New York City. New York is one of the only cities in the world that will make you feel like your favorite comic book heroes, because you’ve seen each street and every building before on TV and in the movies. In the morning, you can have breakfast anywhere in SoHo and get to sit right next to some of the most popular actors today. If you’re lucky, you might even get to see Sarah Jessica Parker walk by with her dog.

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A fellow traveler once told me that the best way to truly know a city was to literally lose yourself in it. And so it was that, several days after my arrival in London where I would be spending my Fall 2013 semester, my friend and I decided to explore our new home and discover what it held.

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