I've lived in Iceland 22 years, always in Reykjavik, I lived in the suburbs until I was 18 years old then I moved downtown, close to the cafés, bars and restaurants.

What represents my city best is the fabulous nightlife! Us Icelanders are known for the way we party and always welcome tourists to join us at the table for a few cold ones. Our country is a thing of beauty and there's lot's to see!

Best Time To Visit

Summer! definitely summer, the weather is mild and the nights are bright, which is one of the wonders of Iceland!

If you're looking for northern lights, December is your month, also, catch the firework show at new years and the beautiful Christmas lights and markets!

Places I Like

The Viking Festival

From the 14-17th June the city of Hafnarfjörður

Verslunnarmannahelgi (Shop Owner Weekend)

It’s the first weekend of August and quite frankly the biggest party in Iceland, people sail over to Vestmanneyjar with tents and a bunch of drinks and party! It’s truly an experience everyone has to have at least once in their life! (caution: it can get wet)

The Golden Circle

It is a classic for people who want to experience the beautiful nature Iceland has to offer!

The Blue Lagoon

A luxurious natural spa treatment and naturally blue water!

 Perlan (The Pearl) Museum

A history museum in Perlan (The pearl) which takes you through Icelandic history, showing you the way of the vikings.

Places To Eat

Grái Kötturinn (The Gray Cat)

You can catch an amazing breakfast at this tiny place.

Svarta kaffið (The Black Coffee)

They make the best vegetarian and meat soups in town served in fresh bread!


A fun place to sit down with your friends, drink a glass of wine and eat some fresh mussels or steak, Snaps is the place for you! It’s this quirky, happening bistro and frankly the hottest place in town right now!

Ways To Travel Around

A car rental is the best way but by bus is not as tedious as you’d think…it’s a small country so there won’t be endless hours of sitting around.

Additional Tips

Go Outside The City

Depending on your time here, I recommend going out side of Reykjavík…see the country and using your extra days roaming the city, checking out the museums, cafés, Hallgrímskirkja and maybe go whale watching, take the ferry over to Viðey and go horseback riding.

Clothing and Weather

Bring a jacket! Even if it’s in the summer…the weather here changes a lot and isn’t your traditional season.

Photo Credit

Sol Hilmarsdottir, Lukas Hejtman, Ivan Marc, Filip Fuxa, Pavel Svoboda, Tom Cummins

  • You will be able to see the northern lights, there is a very good chance. The weather is cold so I hope you are prepared for that. Many think Iceland is gorgeous in summers but the truth is it is as splendid in winter as well.

  • We went on our honeymoon to Iceland in August a couple of years ago. It was perfect!

  • Craig

    We will have 10 hours in Reykjavik for a layover and my wife and I want to explore the island! Do you have any recommendations to use our time most efficiently?

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  • Shveta Nagpal

    Hi there..

    Lovely post!!

    My parents have moved to Iceland for a few years. I plan to visit them twice during their stay there.. I’m thinking I should visit this place once in summers and once in winters.. Would love to know the best time to visit in summers and winters and also what to see during summers and what is better to visit during winters? Would have a good idea to make an itinerary then!

    Looking forward to your suggestions 🙂