I was born in Rio and have since then lived here. I love to travel, to know and to explore new places, but definitely, Rio has my heart. I think what represents my city is the natural beauty and the hospitality of the locals.

Best Time To Visit

All year round our weather is mostly sunny and hot. The cool sea breezes in the evening are perfect.Rio offers its best whenever you go there. The beaches and crystal waters are some of the finest that nature has to offer.The major events in our city are the New year's and the Carnival. During these two events the city is crowded with tourists so it gets pricey as well. Its entirely the choice of the traveller but the Carnival and the New Year's should not be missed.

Places I Like

Sunset at Arpoador Stone

Christ the Redeemer

One of the best views in town.


The nicest way to get there is by climbing a 30 minute trail. The view is simply breathtaking.

Cycling at Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas

It is a refreshing walk on a summer morning.

Hiking in the Botanical Gardens or Parque Lage

Amid the city, you feel immersed in contact with nature.

Parque das Ruínas

Santa Teresa



Pista Cláudio Coutinho

Pedra da Gávea

Pedra Bonita



Barra da Tijuca.

Places To Eat

Coffee at Parque Lage or Forte de Copacabana

This place is always overflowing with people, must arrive early to secure a table. A delicious way to start the day … or a nice afternoon snack.


This is definitely the most bohemian neighborhood of Rio.

Feijoada in Restaurant Deck

A typical carioca food in a typical carioca neighborhood.

On the beaches

Cheese curds, coconut water, juices, popsicles and lots of food and drinks to enjoy the heat.

Bar do Arnaudo

Typical food of northeastern Brazil. Simple restaurant with a food first, in Santa Tereza.

Restaurant Rio Minho

Oldest restaurant in town, the best fish dishes or seafood.

Ways To Travel Around

The most comfortable way of getting around the city is by car or taxi, because the public transport is not good quality. But some paths are to be made underground and buses, mainly in the southern area and the city center.

There are many beautiful places in the city, mainly in the south, which allow biking. But the bike path system is precarious because it covers a very short route.


Additional Tips

Welcome to the most hospitable city of the world. Enjoy the sun, the beaches, the tours and the nightlife.

Photo Credit

Renata Pedrosa Gomes