Rivne Reminiscing

My twin sister and me were born in Rivne and have a bunch of warm memories connected with our hometown.

It is a small city in the Western Ukraine and if one visits Rivne he’ll probably instantly notice a lot of Soviet architecture. Though the city has a long and interesting history and it is very exciting to look through the old photos of Rivne taken in the beginning of the last century.

What we love about Rivne is that it is very green city full of parks and trees and it catches the eye at once! Especially during spring when fruit trees and chestnuts are blooming.

We have a small river and few lakes here and it is possible to rent an old-school boat and sail for some time which is very amusing. If it is not what you like you can go to the zoo or visit our museum and get acquainted with the culture and the history of the region.


The city is not large and you can get almost everywhere by foot if you like. There is a nice zone right outside the city, slopes called Barmaki where you can go for a picnic and enjoy the view, especially the city against the background of the sunset. It is also a very popular spot during winter when there is plenty of snow and you can go there with friends or with the family with sleighs or skis and have fun.


As for the most popular place in the surroundings it is so called Tunnel of love – a three kilometer railway section surrounded by the trees which make beautiful green arches, located near Klevan which is about 20 km from Rivne. It might be a new romantic place to discover.