The Eternal City, the Sacred City, the City of the Seven Hills…How many names does the   oldest cites in the world have – Rome. I had three days in Rome during my summer Italy trip and I felt in love with this city.

The brightest impressions I got were from the mornings. In the mornings you can see the city almost without tourists, there are only locals. At this time some of them are hurrying to work by scooters or bicycles, some are preparing cafes and restaurants for opening, some are just enjoying a cup of espresso.  The one morning I visited the famous Trevi Fountain; it wasn’t working due to maintenance and cleaning. Workers were cleaning the coins out which the tourist throw in. They were a few big bags of coins! After that they switched on the fountain and its  process was just amazing: Water was coming down from the Neptune statue ‘s hands like a cascade and sunrays were playing on the stones and water.

In the early hours all sights look a little bit different. The Spanish steps, which are always crowded, are empty; no queues to the Cupola of St Peter’s Basilica, so it’s mush more easy to get there and enjoy the view of the city.

The other thing I can’t forget is the famous Italian cuisine. In Rome you will definitely taste classical Italian dishes like pizza and pasta, but also you should try the local dishes, which are made by ancient recipes: fried artichokes (carciofi alla romana), tripe stewed in tomato sauce(trippa alla romana) or deep fried Zucchini flowers.

The most authentic place, where I had dinner in Rome is Trastevere. It’s situated on the west bank of Tiber River. Narrow medieval streets, colored houses with flowers on windowsills, cozy trattorias with good-natured hosts are made this district perfect to feel unique roman atmosphere. As a bonus – the great view from the hill, where Trastevere is.

In Rome I tasted the best espresso in the word! It was extremely hot weather, so sometimes I fell tried and exhausted, but after two sips of coffee I became full of strength and ready for new adventures.

My Favourite Places

L’Osteria da Otello

The Trastevere restaurant where you’ll find all traditional roman dishes.

Spinosi alberto

After visiting Vatican get there to try home-made Italian pizza or pasta.

Obikà Mozzarella Bar

Located right on Campo dei Fiori, this restaurant is the best place for tasting different types of mozzarella, the cheese made from Italian buffalo’s milk.

Sant’Eustachio Il Caffè

If you are near the Pantheon, find this cafe. No doubt they made magic espresso. On the opposite side of the street there is a very unusual basilica with deer’s head on the top.

Il Chiosco Di Sora Mirella

The kiosk offers «grattachecca»- the cold roman drink, which consist of scratched ice with fresh fruits or berries and flavored with syrup.


Italian gelato (ice-cream) is made by natural ingredients and so tasty!