It started when I was 10, I learnt about Disney World and I saw the movie Home Alone 2. Finally Last Christmas after 14 years I lived my dream of going to Disney World solo in the holiday season. I know its unconventional but I had an epic time.

I met a bunch of people, made some awesome friends and also met some of the character actors without their costumes at a party. In this post I will mainly focus on tips for people traveling alone. For me there were plenty of pros of being traveling alone but I will get out the cons first. 


  • You can do whatever the hell you want, take a ride again and again. Plan your schedule completely according to yourself.
  • Solo Riders Line, its almost 80% faster if you are a solo rider. I did the Mount Everest Ride three times while people in the usual line just moved Ten Steps.
  • You are fast, If you plan right you can see absolutely everything. Its faster to shop and have enough time for photographs.
  • Its easy to find spots in parades and restaurants.


  • The Rooms can be expensive if you don’t have someone to share it with and same goes for cabs.
  • Its holiday season so you might miss your family or friends but one christmas without them is not that bad, also you have Mickey to help.


Solo Rider

Make sure you find the solo rider line. Not all the rides have it but some big ones do, specially in Universal Studio.


Buy the park tickets before hand, the line is really long. You can buy them form online store, travel agents or even your hotel.

Fast Pass

In disney you have a fast pass line, if a line is big you can just go to fast pass booth get a ticket for slot which is one or two hours later and come back to get the vip line which is 80% faster.

Rise Early

Leave as early as you can and have a small breakfast before you leave. During christmas some parks can close due to overload mainly Magic Kingdom. Others like Animal Kingdom and Epcot always have enough space. (I use to leave by 8 a.m)


Try not to carry a bag because people with bags have a longer line to enter the park. Get a jacket with lots of pockets and put your camera and belongings in that.


Best camera is the camera with you, if you are not a pro photographer use your iPhone or a compact point and shoot camera.

Go Pro with chest mount can be fun and best option to record a video, you won’t even notice its there and have a seamless experience.

Selfies and Photography

There are a lot of people around so you don’t need to take a self-shot every time, people are nice and they can click a picture of you standing next to your favourite spots.


Grab a map mark all your rides, the christmas parades are scheduled through out the day so select which time suits you best. Be there 20 minutes early to grab a good spot.

Mono Rails and Shuttles

Your hotels will have shuttles to the parks so make sure you ask, they have a very tight schedule so be prepared. Once you are at any park you can take the mono rail to travel to other parks. Rent a car only if you need to see orlando for hoping between parks mono rail is great and there is no parking hassle.



In December Orlando’s weather is nice but grab a jacket as it gets chilly at night.

Pin Trading

Its a geeky collectors thing which I am really fond of, check the maps for trading posts where you can buy pins and trade it with any employee. Also a little trick is to buy some cheap ones from gift shops out of disney parks and the exchange them for ones you like.


If you are not short on budget and plan early try staying in a hotel inside the parks, they are well themed and they have lot of small benefits like constant shuttles. One of my favourite is the

Any Hotels in Kissimmee or Celebration areas are a short distance if you plan to stay outside of the disney parks. Make sure you stay nearby as cabs can be really expensive in holidays and at night.

Visit The Cirque du Soleil

Its in Downtown Disney and is the best circus I have been to. Also downtown is great and almost like a mini park.


You don’t have to carry everything you buy, some shops deliver things to your hotel while others can keep it stored for you. There are also Lockers or Booths where you can keep your items you have bought from the park.

Fire Works and New Years

So if you are there at New Years visit Magic Kingdom on 30th Dec as they do the count down on both 30th and 31st. This way you can be at Epcot on 31st and their New Year Fire Works are crazy, all countries do their own version and then a huge finale takes place. Also alcohol is served at Epcot where as alcohol is not served at Magic Kingdom unless you sneak some in which is easily possible.

Imagine watching the best fire works with a Mimosa in you hand at New Year Eves.


Animal Kingdom

One Day is enough for it make sure you catch the lion king musical and safari.

Magic Kingdom

Its big need at least Two days and is the main disney park. Make sure you see the parades and shows.


Its a great place, less disney but you can absolutely see the whole world here. You need good two days to nicely visit the park.

Hollywood Studios

One Day should do but if you want you can make it a two day trip.

Downtown Disney

One day at downtown is a must specially for shopping. They have the biggest disney store, the biggest lego store and amazing restaurants.

Other Days

Wizarding World of Harry Potter (a must and deserves a separate post) , Universal Studio, Nasa Kennedy Space Centre.