Early this year I visited a place lost in time, Kashmir which was also spelled “Cashmere” a long time back. It was once the tourist capital of northern India before politics came into the picture. But I am not here to talk politics, I am here to share what I witnessed there as a traveller.

I spent a week in this surrealistic land which is very different than other places I have been to. The most beautiful of all was Dal Lake. Its a grand lake where people live on House Boats and drive Shikaras. They sold almost everything on these Shikaras some made tandoori chicken while others sold shawls and pashmina, there were few who just sold Saffron and one of them had a liquor store on the Kashmiri paddle boat.


I spent a whole two days on a House Boat and loved the unusual lifestyle.  The house boat was 100 years old and still felt pretty solid. The interiors were all wood with gorgeous vintage carvings and rooms were comfortable and cozy.

Gulmarg was another out of this world kinda place. It snowed for two days when I was there. The snow covered mountains and valleys are a must see.

I took some pictures of the wonderland from my iPhone and decided to go all black and white.