Peter: I have lived in Sydney for 25 years, having lived here my entire life.

Xavier: I moved to Sydney last August, making this the 13th month I have lived here. Before coming down, I spent 4 years doing my university degree in Brisbane.

Peter: By far the most iconic image that comes to mind when one thinks of Sydney is the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House, with images of the two landmarks displayed prominently on any medium that might advertise the city. This is not all the city has to offer however, with stunning beaches, fascinating historical buildings, and an amazing harbour, Sydney has a lot to offer any traveller.

Xavier: When ‘Sydney’ is mentioned, the first image to come in mind is probably the Sydney Opera House. The cascading arcs have become the icon of the city, on websites, postcards, travel photos, etc. What people don’t realise is that we have an amazing culture of coffee drinking, a zoo right across from the Opera House, and easy access to beautiful beaches across the east shores.

Best Time To Visit

Anywhere between August to early November is probably the best time of year, allowing travellers to visit the stunning botanical gardens in mid-bloom, whilst enjoying the temperate weather of the season.

If you come in late May to early June, the city’s climate will be just about right, not too cold and not too warm. In the day you can enjoy a walk across The Rocks and visit historical heritage buildings. At night Vivid Sydney is on, one of the best light shows taking place around Darling Harbour each year.

Places I Like

Taronga Zoo

From the 14-17th June the city of Hafnarfjörður

Darling Harbour

Tour around Darling Harbour (3 museums, the Chinese Gardens, an IMAX theatre)

Botanical Gardens

Walk around Botanical Gardens, visit the art gallery inside, and to the Opera House

The Rocks

Visit the Rocks for a historic tour

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Walk around Sydney Harbour Bridge or you can also sign up to climb it!

Places To Eat

Aussie breakfast

A good Aussie breakfast is a must try.  You can order for one of those at any cafe restaurants.


Grill’d in Darling Harbour makes the best burger in town, complete with chips with herbs.

Pancakes on the Rocks

If you want a great serving of dinner, I could recommend Pancakes on the Rocks, also in Darling Harbour. They not only make yummy pancakes but also excellent steaks.

The Shirt Bar

If you like coffee with a business feel, The Shirt Bar will be an interesting place for you.  Half the shop sells top quality men’s shirts, and the other half is a great coffee bar.


Ways To Travel Around

Grab yourself a day pass and make use of the many trains, buses, and light rail (trams) available throughout the city. If you have a smartphone, it’s well worth using something like Google Maps to tell you what public transport and when to get to your destination. Don’t forget to take the ferry to see Cockatoo Island and get between Sydney and North Sydney to see different sights.

Additional Tips

If you plan on taking public transport, buy a pre-paid ticket or the Opal Card.  Most buses do not accept cash during the day and it can be frustrating for first-timers.

Photo Credit

Xavier Ho and Peter Gates