I lived in Weyburn, SK from 2002-2009. I attended Weyburn Junior High School and Weyburn Comprehensive High School. Growing up it was a great place to develop lifelong friendships.

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My family relocated to Winnipeg nine years ago — the capital city of the Friendliest Province of Canada. The city stands for the name it has been given; people not only shovel the snow off their own vicinity, they extend it to their neighbour’s just for the heck of it!

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In September 2012, We visited the gorgeous city of Victoria, British Columbia (Canada). This chilled out costal city was a great experience and a reason to meet lot of fun people. We were there for just the weekend but saw a lot of amazing sights and had a great time.

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I have lived in Calgary my entire life, 28 beautiful years. I have thought many times about moving to another city just to mix things up, but Calgary has proven to be a great home base, and continues to grow with arts and culture.

Calgary is most known for the annual Calgary Stampede which includes a rodeo, midway, concerts, and exhibitions. It is been a tradition here for over 100 years, and is a citywide celebration of the city’s history and culture. Calgary is home to a booming oil and gas industry, and is also a short 1.5 hour drive to the rocky mountains which include beautiful towns, hikes, and stunning scenery. We also have amazing sunsets here.

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