I was on a solo Eurotrip in June 2013. The most closest encounter with nature happened in Iceland. Since I was traveling alone and didn’t get much time to research about this beautiful island, I just planned a three days trip there.

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I've lived in Iceland 22 years, always in Reykjavik, I lived in the suburbs until I was 18 years old then I moved downtown, close to the cafés, bars and restaurants.

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Iceland and Auroras

Thursday, February 27, 2014, started off like any other day of the trip. Cold, crisp, fresh morning air greeted us as we stepped out of our apartment and headed towards our warming rental cars. We had originally made plans to make the trip to Höfn, which is on the other side of the island, and stay the night there. Rumors had been circling among the locals that the northern lights were going to happen that night. With that being main reason why we went to Iceland, I was nervous we weren’t going to see them. We had been experiencing phenomenal weather in Reykjavík where access to darker skies was 30 minutes away. I was worried about that side of the island because of the lack of roads and Iceland’s unpredictable weather. With butterflies endlessly fluttering in my stomach, we got an early start to the day and headed out before sunrise.

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