Three days on Manali-Leh Highway

Day 1, August 13: We hopped onto the last bus to Manali, which is a 14hr ride from Delhi. During this season, roads become very susceptible to landslides, and our bus was unable to go ahead due to a major landslide 8Kms from Mandi. Leaving the bus at Mandi, we decided to walk.

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Early this year I visited a place lost in time, Kashmir which was also spelled “Cashmere” a long time back. It was once the tourist capital of northern India before politics came into the picture. But I am not here to talk politics, I am here to share what I witnessed there as a traveller.

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People pushing people pushing people
Stepping on people swearing at
People swaying in a hungry mass
To the life assuring groan of the wheels

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So one of wandering tv’s new initiative is to visit all the wonders of the world and we would love to start with the very first on the list The Taj Mahal.


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It’s a timid love
Drawing arcane patterns
On my shivering skin
Hold fast, hang on, sit tight
I’m breaking you in,
I’m breaking me in

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