I have lived here just about half of my life as I spent many years in different parts of the world while growing up. A city for modern living with old traditions, futuristic architectures and high-tech gadgets. An amazing destination for shopping for fashion, cutting edge electronics and practically anything one could ever want to buy.

Best Time To Visit

Spring: Cheery Blossom season is one of the most wonderful times of year to be in Japan.

Places I Like

Visiting Museums in Roppongi

Mori Art Museum, The National Art Center & the Suntory Museum of Art forms the “Art Triangle Roppongi”.

Exploring Japanese Youth Culture

A great cultural experience in Shibuya & Harajyuku

Shibuya Crossing

Taking a walk across the famous intersection outside Shibuya Station.


It’s a cultural heaven for Tokyo’s youth and also a weekend hangout spot for Japanese cosplay and lolita fashion fans.


a large artificial island in Tokyo Bay. It’s a hub of amusement, entertainment, eateries and futuristic looking architectures with the gorgeous views across the water. There is also a gigantic life-sized Gundam(18 m ) that greets visitors.

Ghibli Museum

A fun-filled museum which showcases the work of Miyazaki Hayao’s Studio Ghibli. (Please note that prior ticket bookings from a vendor in your country are essential!)

The Showa Memorial Park

They have very impressive flower gardens that can be enjoyed throughout the year.

Tokyo Disney Resort

Technically it’s in Chiba Prefecture, but it’s in Tokyo Metropolitan area. Tokyo Disney Resort has both Disneyland and DisneySeathat sit right next to one another. Tokyo DisneySea which opened in 2001, is an ocean-themed park exclusive to Japan.


Asakusa is one of the most popular sightseeing spots in Tokyo, where you can taste old culture of Tokyo.

Places To Eat

Deva Deva Café

I rarely go out to have breakfast but for when I have my brunch, I usually go to Deva Deva Café in Kichijyoji. It’s a reasonably priced vegetarian café that serves food like healthy & tasty green smoothies and homemade cakes (they are all amazing)    .

Saikabo Korean

Saikabo Korean Restaurant is one of the best Korean dining places for an authentic South Korean home cooking. I think I tried pretty much everything on the menu.

Midori Sushi

Not everyone can afford to have sushi at Ginza Kyubei (featured in the film “Jiro Dreams of Sushi”) but Midori Sushi serves fresh and delicious sushi and sea food in generous portions at surprisingly affordable prices.

Additional Tips

There’s always an interesting event or festival (art exhibitions, film festivals…etc) happening almost every month, make sure you check them and schedule your trip accordingly to have make most of your trip to Tokyo. You wouldn’t want to miss a thing.


Photo Credit

Mai Nakanishi