I have lived in Trondheim for about 10 years. I really got to know the city when I studied Media and Communications there. I went to Trondheim Cathedral School and it is the oldest school in Norway, built in 1152.

We have one of the oldest churches in Europe (that is still in use). The Nidaros Cathedral was built between 1070-1300. It is a major tourist attraction and what makes it interesting, besides its old age, is its gothic architecture. The church is decorated with devils, ghouls and other gothic symbols. Also we have the most amount of students per capita in the world, with two major campuses and countless student housings, it is a great place for studying.

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit the city is definitely the summer. We have a pretty rough winter, but Trondheim is very beautiful during the summer.

Places I Like

Nidaros Cathedral

The church is decorated with devils, ghouls and other gothic symbols.


An old fort on an island in the ocean. Looks like Alcatraz from the downtown.

Graakallen Hike

a mountain with a view over the city.

Tyholt Tower

Trondheim’s version of Seattle’s Space needle. Though smaller, a great view of the city.


We have a science museum, and a museum showing what life was like in Norway in the early 1900s. All have english guides.


Its a skatepark.


Places To Eat

Breakfast: Ni Muser

Good food and quite place. Excellent for somber mornings.

Lunch: Coffee Shops

Any of the countless coffee shops. As long as you’re in good company

Dinner: Big Horn Steakhouse

Meat. Red meat. And a lot of it.

Ways To Travel Around

Probably bus, as the other forms of transport are very expensive. However, Trondheim is not very big, so a bike, or even on foot works as well.

Additional Tips

Bring an umbrella and a lot of money. Norway is expensive.

Photo Credit

Erian Trotland, Ryan Rodrick Beiler, Anne-Britt Svinnset, Borg Enders, Morten Normann Almeland, Robert Rozbora, Reinhard Tiburzy