Every end of the year I search for a place to rest, calm down and charge my batteries for a new year full of work, great adventures and life itself.I really enjoy it to be alone then, just my dog max and me.

This year I decided to go somewhere really lonely. The north sea with its wattenmeer (the wadden sea) is one of the most loneliest places in germany I would guess. The nature is flat and rough, the weather and air windy and salty from the sea. since 2009 the wadden sea is world natural heritage of the unesco. the wadden sea is unique. It is the only tidal and coastal island system in the world with a temperate climate that is so large and contains such an enormous variety of plants and animals a sea which changes completely a couple of times per day. to explore this amazing landscape I was renting a bike and discovered the place around me. It was so lonely that sometimes I didnt see one single person.

Enjoy my adventure through a unique place in the world and feel the wilderness and loneliness of this amazing part of nature.