Renting a tiny bach on waiheke for my first weekend in NZ was definitely the best idea ever! My first couple of days in Auckland were pretty hectic. I arrived at 2pm on Wednesday and then had Couch surfing drinks at 7om! I am just that dedicated to drinking I guess. But it was great meeting fellow couchsurfers and also by going out I made sure that I didn’t completely mess up my sleeping pattern.

On the Friday I headed out to Waiheke, Oh lord this place is just a little slice of heaven! Even just the ferry crossing is drop-dead gorgeous! You get stunning views of Auckland as well as Waiheke Island when coming into port. The Island does have a public transport system, allowing easy access by bus to most areas of the island but it‘s also popular to rent a car or even a bike since the island is compact enough for it. Since I had rented a bach (a basic summer house) I decided to use the bus. The island offers beaches, sunshine and wineries all over… and we all know what that means, right ?! Shirtless kiwi boys and plenty of wine!( sorry boys, the girls weren’t topless)

I went to this cute little market in Ostend on the Saturday morning. It’s great for food and local made jewelry/kiwiana but it also had a flea market feel to it with people selling old stuff but it’s definitely worth the visit. My visit to the island was mostly for relaxation so I didn’t opt for one of the winery tours, instead I blobbed out on the beach most of the time, along with eating an obscene amount of cheese and crackers, washed down with a glass of the finest cheap fine money can buy.

recommend using www.bookabach.co.nz , there you can find all sorts of baches, everything from basic tree houses to luxury beach mansions !

This island is definitely the place to go if you just want to relax, have a sneaky glass of wine and lounge around on the beach…which is exactly what I did!