In September 2012, We visited the gorgeous city of Victoria, British Columbia (Canada). This chilled out costal city was a great experience and a reason to meet lot of fun people. We were there for just the weekend but saw a lot of amazing sights and had a great time.

 Although we did mostly the touristy stuff, we believe it was very essential and a lot of fun. Back then both of us were living in Vancouver and from there its quite easy to go Victoria which is in the southern part of Vancouver Island. We got a nice deal on a seaplane ride from Coal Harbour in Vancouver.  We found a cheap hostel and rented a tiny room in Victoria.


Our favourite places we visited our The Miniature Museum, Butchart Gardens, Royal BC Museum and Maritime Museum.We also attend an in-house concert which was fabulous and deserves a different post. Its a great city to bike and walk, and a very calm vibe runs through out. We ended up taking lot of pictures.