I lived in Weyburn, SK from 2002-2009. I attended Weyburn Junior High School and Weyburn Comprehensive High School. Growing up it was a great place to develop lifelong friendships.

Weyburn was once home to the late Tommy Douglas, a politician whose government was the first democratic socialist government in North America, and it introduced the continent’s first single-payer, universal health care program. Weyburn was previously home to the Souris Valley Mental Health Hospital, which was closed as a healthcare facility and sold in 2006, and demolished in 2009. When the mental hospital opened in 1921, it was the largest building in The British Commonwealth and was considered to be on the cutting edge of experimental treatments for people with mental disabilities.

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit the city is definitely in early summer. The annual fair, car show, parade and other events happen around July 1st.

Places I Like


Soo Line Historical Museum, Heritage Village and Turner Curling Museum

Movie Theatre

Weyburn Soo Theatre (Single screen theatre usually plays 1-2 films per week.)

Hockey Game

Check out a Weyburn Red Wings game


Souris River trails is a great place to do all three.


Weyburn Golf Club

Nickle Lake

It isn’t necessarily in the city, but the regional park is enjoyed by many Weyburn residents in the summer for camping, boating, and soaking in the sun on the small beach. It is also a spot for ice fishing in the winter.


Places To Eat

Club Cafe on 3rd Street

There are few places to eat at in Weyburn, but this is the number one place. It will be the most amazing Chinese food, burgers and fries you will ever try. Don’t forget to try the bacon, too.

TnC Dallas Pizza

Another great spot, they have great pasta and pizza.

Welsh Kitchen

Try Welsh Kitchen for some fresh homemade sandwiches and soups.

 LJ’s Hillside Store

Nice for a quick lunch, try a sandwich from here.


Ways To Travel Around

There is no public transit options, so I would say a car if you had one of your own. Otherwise, bike or walk because the cab system can become a little pricy if you are using it all day. It’s usually $10 a trip no matter the distance.

Additional Tips

Peace Out and Chill

 It is a smaller community, so it’s a nice break to enjoy a slower paced quiet place.

Photo Credit

Angie VanCuren and Alicia Hoogveld