My family relocated to Winnipeg nine years ago — the capital city of the Friendliest Province of Canada. The city stands for the name it has been given; people not only shovel the snow off their own vicinity, they extend it to their neighbour’s just for the heck of it!

Winnipeg is also known as “Winterpeg” and “Manisnowba”; we are, after all, the coldest city in the country. Just this year, we beat the surface temperature of Mars at -50 degrees Celsius. So for those who want to experience true winter, we are the best place to visit!

Winnipeg is known for its famous Folklorama Festival — a great way to experience and understand the different cultures. What’s great about this city is the easy access to places, events, food, etc. However, it will definitely push your creativity in order to stay sane, especially when the winter blues kick in. Despite the cold weather, people still manage to celebrate life to its fullest. What keeps us warm is the love we share with our families, friends, and even strangers. Winnipeg may just be the most welcoming city in Canada; it will not take long for you to feel at home.

Best Time To Visit

Winnipeg tries to keeps itself alive by having annual festivals throughout the year. The best time to visit the city would be during summer & fall. Not only is the weather bearable, especially to those who are new to extreme winters, but it is also the time when most of our festivals take place. Folk Fest, Fringe Fest, and Folklorama are just few of many summer events that happen around the city. What excites us about winter is the 6.5 km River Trail at The Forks — a great way for family bonding, hanging out with friends, or if you want to go for a romantic skate.

Places I Like

The Forks Market

A wonderful place to visit throughout the year. They have events to keep the city party going — great for a family fun day or with your special someone.

Winnipeg Art Gallery

They feature local and international artists now and then. Storm Bistro is also located in the same building, in case you feel the munchies during your visit.

Osborne Village

A MUST to visit for shopping, eating, live music, and to simply have a good time. Best time to visit would be during the summer, especially during Canada Day.

Assiniboine Park & Zoo

In the summer, they have “Movies in the Park” where you can watch featured movies outdoors + have a picnic. Just beware of mosquitoes.

The Exchange District

Great place for event hosting. Surrounded by local bars, shops, and restaurants. Located in Downtown Winnipeg. Possibly my ultimate place to visit.

Luxalune Gastropub

They carry beer from around the world. Great place to hang out with friends and catch up over some nachos.


In the summer time, a variety of food trucks are parked on the streets for a quick grub. Many-Fest takes place here at the end of August to award the best food truck based on people’s choice.

Places To Eat

Stella’s Cafe

Easily my favourite restaurant in the city. They offer all day breakfast + healthy food choices.

Boon Burger

Even if you’re not vegetarian or vegan, this place is a MUST try!

Rumor’s – Restaurant & Comedy Club

Maybe you’ll get abs while eating. Either way, you’ll have a great time.

deer + almond

Food-sharing-type. Affordable price for great quality + they donate money to one of our local charities!

Little Sister Coffee Maker

My two favourite things great aura and customer service. It’s the place to go for an alone time to read a book, or even have an epiphany about life.

Ways To Travel Around

Winnipeg is a small city and still in its developing stage. The best way to travel around the city is through Winnipeg Transit. We have buses that go to and fro every corner of the city. Our bus drivers are very friendly, and if you get lost, or want to catch another bus, feel free to let them know! They will gladly help you!


Places To Stay

Delta Hotel

Located in the heart of the city, rated 4.5 stars. Great for business & family travellers.

Fairmont Hotel

A 5 star Hotel, luxurious and great service. Walking distance from The Exchange District and The Forks.

Additional Tips

Travel Manitoba

Make sure to visit Travel Manitoba’s website for detailed events and happenings within the city and throughout the province of Manitoba. Winnipeg’s local restaurants, hotels, and popular tourist spots also have their individual sites.

How to Dress

Layering is key to play it safe with our unpredictable weather. If you plan on visiting during spring-summer, make sure you load yourself with mosquito repellent, sun screen, and clothes you can easily remove or layer on top of. Our days may be extremely hot, but it can get chilly at night starting around late August. Our downtown has underground and connecting walkways so you can stay warm as you explore during winter. Make sure you bundle up! Find the right boots, ear muffs, mittens, and scarves. Staying chic and trendy is still possible as long as you get the right gears.

Photo Credit

Olivia Pateña